The Original Salad Pizza

Offering the best of both worlds. New York style crust topped with local California fresh greens.

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Welcome to Grey Block Pizza

We built our world around a superior pizza cooked with authenticity. No frills, no gimmicks, no drama. Just an oven with a grey block, and a passion for crafting mind-blowing pizza.
That’s why our motto is: Pizza. The Best Pizza. Nothing but Pizza.

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The Neve Bianco Pizza

Red Onion, Fresh Sliced Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese with Garlic, Ricotta, Basil, on a Garlic Pesto Sauce.

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The Calzone

Get stuffed with our traditional – half moon shaped Calzone – where the dough is folded over – any of our toppings you can think of putting in there.

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Choose Your Sauce

All our pizzas are built on a foundation of great pizza dough, and delicious sauces … choose from tomato, basil pesto, olive pesto, garlic, pink, vegan and alfredo.

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Gluten Free Sicilian Flat Bread

Together we can spread the gluten free lifestyle! Let our extra effort and pride bring a new outlook to what happens when Gluten Free meets Pizza!

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Fresh is Best!

At Grey Block Pizza we use only the best quality ingredients to ensure we provide you with the best tasting pizza possible.

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The Buster

Spinach, Button Mushrooms, Onion, Tequila Lime Marinated Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese on a Garlic Pesto Sauce

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The Farmers Delight

In Season Veggies with Diaya Vegan Cheese on a Cheeseless Tomato Sauce

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Why Grey Block?

Why Name it Grey Block Pizza? Seriously Grey Block? Ahhh, there’s a heart in it!

Grey Block Pizza is our way of being anti-chain, anti-conformist! The small-heart within our logo is our symbol, stamp and flag pumping out to the world that small operators like us are still here, holding on, and holding out against all the big box corporates and the ugliness that they bring not to mention all the sheep who follow them.

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Gluten Free

Grey Block isn’t just embracing the gluten free trend, we’re hoping to redirect it! Instead of just following the pack we stepped out, looked in, and asked “how can we take our 20 years of experience and throw it towards gluten free?”

We answered it by working harder, by not forgetting the basic principles we have always applied and by simply finding the best gluten free flour out there!

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What our customers think

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers think about Grey Block Pizza.

“The salad pizza is everything you didn’t imagine. It’s awesome, full of Italian flavors, fresh, and crisp. I can eat it faster because it won’t burn the roof of my mouth. What a plus, besides being healthy!”
– Adilah Robinson

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At Grey Block Pizza, our motto is: “Pizza. The Best Pizza. Nothing but Pizza.”
Let our 20 years of experience bring you 20 minutes of eating delight!