Being Builders

Grey Block Pizza is about building relationships daily, by forging new customers from old customers telling their friends to become ours.

Being the Best

We are hyper focused on offering the best pizza you ever had. We have built our lives around this goal.

Being Bold

Our customers are fearless as we are constantly throwing out new recipes letting you choose.

Being Simple

Fresh made from scratch daily on the premises, using only the best quality ingredients. That’s it!

Being First

We were the first to do the Bagel Crust, the first to do the Salad Pizza and the first to make the Gluten Free Flatbread Pizza

Our Story

Tom was born in the Bronx, learned to make pizza in his teens and has never stopped. He learned from the best in NY and Boston and at the ripe old age of 24, after running several Pizzerias back East, Tom created and launched Abbot’s Pizza Company in 1995. After 20 years Tom decided to launch Grey Block Pizza.

“Pizza. The Best Pizza. Nothing but Pizza.”

Grey Block Pizza is the final result of our unwillingness to compromise on reaching our full potential in preparing and presenting phenomenal pizza, offering new varieties alongside our trademark salad pizza. We are doing so with our most loyal and dedicated team members, some having been with us from day one!

We understand that you have choices and know it is our responsibility to continue to adapt to the needs of our customers. Grey Block Pizza is always striving to be the best, fastest and friendliest choice out there!

We are always grateful to be of service and appreciative of your patronage. We are accessible anytime for any feedback via our Contact page.

Tom from Grey Block Pizza

At Grey Block Pizza, our motto is: “Pizza. The Best Pizza. Nothing but Pizza.”
Let our 20 years of experience bring you 20 minutes of eating delight!

Why name it Grey Block Pizza?

Seriously Grey Block? Ahhh, there’s a heart small-heart in it!
Grey Block Pizza is our way of being anti-chain, anti-conformist!

Keeping it Real

Doing everything from scratch, and by hand daily used to be the only way … now it’s what sets us apart.

Keeping our Passion

Our pursuit for unparalleled pizza helps us shine brighter than others … because honoring the tradition of where we came from ensures our future.

Keeping it simple

Doing our best each day allows us to offer you peace of mind to sit down and relax. We got you covered from the moment you order, so you’ll want to order from us again.

Keeping your light bright!

We are lit up and find that an educated and discerning customer is a customer we keep for life! We appreciate all of our customers for being unique!

Why name it Grey Block Pizza?

Seriously Grey Block? Ahhh, there’s a heart small-heart in it! Grey Block Pizza is our way of being anti-chain, anti-conformist!

The small-heart within our logo is our symbol, stamp and flag pumping out to the world that small operators like us are still here, holding on, and holding out against all the big box corporates and the ugliness that they bring not to mention all the sheep who follow them.

The ‘Grey’ they bring will end up absorbing our individuality forcing us to have fewer and fewer choices! So when all you start to see are just grey blocks and no hearts you know it is time to check in and engage, not tune out!

Because before you know we may all lose our passion and there will only be the same old s***.

Grey Block Pizza is part of the real people pushing back from getting smothered beneath all this heartless machinery and are still keeping the spirit of connection alive.

We do our part with a small little heart and a chance to feed your soul old-school style. One slice at a time!